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Smeal Manufacturing Company

Note: All specifications originate from the Smeal Manufacturing Company website.




Hydraulic Winch
The 5T and 4T all hydraulic winch with the original engineered Smeal automatic fail safe brake has a 120 feet per minute line speed with a 3000 lb. single line lifting capacity on the 5T and a 150 ft. per minute line speed with a 2000 lb. single line lifting capacity on the 4T. The hydraulic motor is direct coupled to the heavy duty pinion gear.

Sandreel Attachment
The sandreel attachment has a 1000 lb. bare spool lifting capacity with a 350 ft. per minute line speed. Power up-power down plus a 100% freefall for deep well work. Another feature of the sandreel is a levelwind mounted on the back frame to allow equal distribution of the cable to the drum. 350 ft. per minute line speed with a spool capacity of 1650 ft. of ¼" cable, 1050 ft. of 5/16" cable and 740 ft. of 3/8" cable.

Main Frame Assembly
The main frame assembly on the 3T-4T-5T allows full use of the interframe for material hauling or any other use the customer may require. The 3T-4T-5T will mount inside a utility type body with a minimum 48" width and 100" length. The lower frame assembly is modified to accommodate the wheel wells on dual wheel type bodies or decks.

The cathead attachment is a hydraulic driven 6" capstan; right rear mounted which develops approximately 1000 lbs. pull.

Walking Beam (Frame mounted hydraulic motor driven)
The walking beam is a new concept in the line of cleaning and pumping wells. The unit consists of a hydraulic motor driven spudding arm with a maximum capacity of 1000 lbs. and 50 cycles per minute. The spudder has a minimum 24" stroke and a 36" maximum stroke.

Walking Beam (Mast mounted cylinder type)
This unit consists of a mast mounted beam powered by a 2 ½" diameter cylinder with capacity of 1000 lbs., maximum 18" stroke, and up to 60 cycles per minute. An electric valve automatically changes cycles with micro switches that can be moved to shorten or lengthen stroke. It also has a flow control valve to vary the speed.

Model 5-T Truck Rig

Smeal Manufacturing Company Model 5-T Truck Rig

Model 5-T Truck Rig

Model 5-T Truck Rig

Model 5-T Truck Rig


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