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Last Update: January 20, 2006
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PC Exploration Inc. Drilling Services


Our Capabilities
While we at PC Exploration Inc. are capable of doing many different kinds of drilling work, the overview that follows describes some of the more common activities with which we are involved on a daily basis:

Puntel drilling rig at work

Monitoring Wells and Hazardous Waste
With many years of experience in drilling and installing monitoring wells, we are prepared to handle the most difficult tasks. PC Exploration Inc. drillers are OSHA-certified for protection levels B through D. Some of the jobs we are capable of completing include:

  • Large diameter drilling to 24 inches, diameter for 18-inch diameter wells
  • Piezometers
  • Monitor wells to 18-inch diameter
  • Well abandonment
  • All terrain rotary and auger drills
  • Landfill methane extraction wells
  • Hazardous waste sampling

Drilling and Grouting
We have successfully drilled and grouted numerous dam sites in the western United States. PC Exploration Inc. crews have also completed major subsidence grouting jobs in Wyoming, Washington, and Utah (filling old mine workings). Grouting projects include:

  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Subsidence
Mineral Exploration/Core or Reverse Circulation
PC Exploration Inc. drillers are able to perform reverse circulation to depths of 1,000 feet using 3-1/2-inch and 4-1/2-inch rods. We are also capable of core drilling at over 2,000 feet using "N-sized" tools. In short, we are capable of:
  • Reverse circulation
    Angle & vertical capability with all-terrain drills
    Center return hammers
    Large diameter for bulk sampling
  • Core drilling
    Truck mounts & skid drills
    Helicopter drills
    Large diameter coring

PC Exploration Inc. drillers have performed geotechnical drilling on several major projects, including the road relocation for Mt. St. Helens in Washington. We have also drilled for the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant project in California. PC Exploration Inc. drillers can do Geotechnical-drilling projects including:

  • Inclinometer installations
  • Use of Odex drill tools
  • Hollow stem augering to 18-inch diameter
  • Core drilling
  • Piezometers
  • Tie backs
  • Post tension anchors
  • Water wells
  • Dewatering wells
  • Injection & recovery wells
  • Helicopter, barge, and underground operation capabilities

Downtown drilling work


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